Type of Building

Eureka EUF can be used to upgrade a variety of non-residential commercial buildings including:

  • office
  • retail
  • industrial
  • hotels
  • car parks
  • health centres
  • educational facilities

It currently excludes residential, strata, leasehold and new builds.

Type of Works

Any improvement to an existing commercial building that improves energy, water or waste efficiency or increases renewable energy is included.

The scope of eligible works is very broad, as EUF was designed to encourage you to bring forward works. So you can do them all in one go, reducing disruption to your tenants and helping you keep them.

With the phase out of the refrigerant R-22 by 2016, and given that air conditioning accounts for around half of a buildings energy use, building owners are seeing EUF as the way to finance new equipment. This also means a reduction in the high maintenance costs associated with the old system.

Most of these works lead to an improvement in the buildings NABERS rating. As a result of the EUA at 123 Queen Street in Melbourne, the mixed use building went from a NABERS rating on 1 to a NABERS rating of 3.

EUAs do not impact on solar and waste management grant eligibility.

Examples include: Solar, air conditioning, LED lighting, double glazing, facade, building management systems, lifts, waste management and end of trip facilities.


EUF is documented in an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA). EUAs are legislated in NSW, VIC and SA. All Councils are able to elect to opt in to the EUA programme.

Currently City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Blacktown City Council, Parramatta City Council, North Sydney Council, The City of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie City Council have all opted in.

If location is preventing you for using EUF then contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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