EUAs are a great way for property owners to gain competitive finance for work that improves the value of their assets. EUAs are a key resource efficiency initiative and show that business and environmental goals work together and have a future in NSW. - Rob Stokes, NSW Minister
Improving the environmental performance of the building will not only result in enhanced capital value for the owners, but also provides long-term attractiveness for tenants. - Troy Shepherd, JLL Director of NSW Property Management
We were aware that to keep pace with the competition in the market place, we needed to listen to our tenants. We saw that the EUA mechanism made good sense and we were more than happy to work together to negotiate the EUA for this lighting project. We found this form of funding no more complicated than a typical commercial loan and the contributions from the tenant made this very worthwhile financially. - Australian Unity Investments, Grant Nichols, Property Portfolio Manager
This upgrade will help to position the property in the marketplace by reducing energy costs and improving the building's environmental performance, and is great for tenants. - Sam Suleman, Building Owner, 470 Collins Street Melbourne